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Our Services

Mediation is a viable alternative to any dispute you might consider taking to trial. As commercial mediators we have worked on more than 2,000 disputes in the areas of:


Personal Injury

Insurance claims and coverage

Business and partnership disputes

Wills and estates

Real estate

Banking, debtor and creditor disputes

Product liability

Medical malpractice


Intellectual property


Employment and wrongful dismissal

Dissolution of professional groups

Shareholders disputes

Contract disputes

Professional negligence

Commercial tenancy


CanSolve Commercial Mediation Services Vancouver, Okanagan BC

Teaching and Speaking

We both have extensive experience teaching mediation techniques to law students, legal assistants, and other professionals. We also offer seminars and presentations to the community, including government and trade associations.

We can tailor our presentations to educate specific groups about alternative dispute resolution as an option for handling conflicts in their particular industry.


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