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 ... about Brian L. Gibbard
As plaintiff’s counsel I have worked with Mr. Gibbard on over two dozen cases... he has shown unwavering ethical standards and an ability to rise above the fray to offer valuable insight on how the parties can move their case towards resolution.
Mr Gibbard is able to communicate clearly with unsophisticated litigants, and maintain a high level of professionalism, decorum, and respect for the parties and the process.
– JAMES U. BUCKLEY, Slater Vecchio, LLP
In some seven or eight years... Brian has done between 30 and 40 mediations... he was successful in getting both parties to better appreciate each other’s position and ultimately, resolutions were reached because of that.
– MARTY PEDERSON, Claims Examiner, Surrey
... about Paul D. Taberner
Paul Taberner is a consummate Mediator of the highest order. He facilitates communications between parties and helps to look for viable solutions. He understands the art of negotiations.
I have used Paul’s services for mediations involving business and construction disputes. He is great at adapting to different issues and personalities, and is always effective at steering the parties toward a resolution.
– KEN IHAS, Rush Ihas Hardwick, LLP
Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did at the mediation today. You helped put Pauline’s mind at ease.
– ALLAN ELLIOTT, Pushor Mitchell, LLP
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