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Why Choose Mediation?

In a word: control .

The advantage of mediation is that it delivers the fastest results and the most predictable  outcomes by keeping the decision-making power in your hands.   


Many people involved in commercial disputes go looking for the satisfaction of a day in court, only to find out that it didn't achieve what they really needed – a fair resolution at a fair price. They are often surprised and disappointed when they see the results of litigation.


There's no getting around it: court actions are costly, stressful, and risky. Jury trials are especially unpredictable. And the process is time-consuming, in part because the courts are so busy. Even worse, having your private details aired in public courtrooms can be painful. It's an invasion of privacy for which no one is ever fully prepared.


Getting a case to trial can interfere with your ability to get on with your business and possibly your life, all the while offering outcomes that are less than satisfactory for everyone.  


Mediation puts the parties back in control of their own cases in a safe, private environment with skilled facilitators.

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