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Pandemic Learnings

Two years into the pandemic, the positives we can take away so far are the silver lining. I recently read a thoughtful article by Marty Latz, a well-known negotiation expert, on pandemic learnings.

I share these with you to assist with day-to-day personal and professional negotiations. Because every time you try to influence other(s), you are negotiating. 1) Poor planning leads to devastating impacts

We have seen firsthand how lack of planning and stockpiling lead to critical shortages of PPE. The same is true of our personal and professional negotiations. We tend to focus on the substantive issues (what we are negotiating) and ignore the process (how we prepare to negotiate). Here are some process examples: Consider goals.

  • Identify the needs of the other party.

  • Develop strategies and tactics.

  • Decide when, where, and how we will meet to negotiate.

2) Change brings opportunities

We have learned to pivot. The imposed meeting and occupancy restrictions have resulted in working from home and/or virtual meetings.

3) Personal and business relationships have increased in importance

We recognize the true value of relationships. We have relied on longstanding clients and friends to step up and help.

4) Personal Investment: never stop learning

Working from home has given us more flexibility. We have the opportunity to invest in ourselves by reading more books or taking online courses to improve our skills.And, of course, we continue to search for ways to be more productive.

Setting up a mediation? Go to my online calendar to check availability and book:

Stay positive—test negative.

— Paul Taberner


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